Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ohio Votes Early

Margo Hutchinson


Gail Towns



College Students Chance to Vote Early

By: Margo Hutchinson


Two vans sit outside the University of Cincinnati Recreation Center to take college students to the Board of Educations to register and to vote in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Since the Sept. 30, Ohio residents are allowed to go vote and though their has been speculation that this early voting will benefit the Democratic party the most, Vote Today Ohio just wants everyone, no matter if they favor the Republican party or Democratic party candidate, to make sure that they have a part in the decision of America’s next leader from now till November 4.  Vote Today Ohio is a non-profit organization that was started a couple of weeks ago to make sure that every citizen has transportation to be involved in the election and encourage all to fill out a ballot. 

“I feel empowered when I go vote”, stated Cathie Glover who is apart of the Vote Today Ohio organization, and she wants others to feel that same empowerment in the voting booth.  Cathie Glover and others are on campus to make sure that college students are able to have the opportunity to make it to the polls early the prevent from standing in line on election day whether it be in between classes or on their way back to their dorms.  Two vans wait outside near the Engineering Building and the Recreation Center the transport students to register and vote for the candidate that they feel is fit to run the country.  “Students tend to be apathetic,” says Cathie Glover when it comes to students

Voting on Election Day.  With the country in a facing hardships economically and politically, it seems that this election, compared to previous elections, is crucial for the well being of America and it’s Citizens.  Cathie feels as if the political system has the same people over and over again in congress and has hope that college students and others who do not have the opportunity to vote will make it to the ballots.  Not only are

College students given the chance to take one of the two vans to the Board of Education, but people who reside in homeless shelters and residents who live in low-income neighborhoods.  Cathie explains that in order to vote, you must have the address of where you live to write down on the registration, which made it difficult for the homeless to vote, but now they can use the address of the homeless shelter to register.  


Vote Today Ohio is on University of Cincinnati’s campus until Monday October 6, the deadline for voting registration


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